natural products
from Benedectin monks.
If the generosity and hard work of the bees has always be known, you can be very sure that they have been valued according to the work and research of ancient and modern researchers; who have dealt with the best benefits for the body's health and beauty.

Apiderma products, in fact, use modern techniques for production based upon ancient recipes and formulas intelligently re-elaborated and adapted by the monks of the Benedictine Abbey of Torrechiara.
They were only able to use the original recipes of the oldest pharmacy in Europe, San Giovanni's Spiceary which can be found in Parma. The first news of the existence of a spiceary in the S. Giovanni Evangelist's abbey complex goes back to the 12th Century (1201), but its foundation could have occurred earlier because the monastery originated in 980.

Even then in the Benedictine monastery the monks studied and prepared medicinal recipes and other varied products, all exclusively natural, for the body's health and beauty. The Benedictines that today live in the monastery, with the same skill and love, based on the same antique recipes, have been able to create an exclusive range of natural cosmetics, the Apiderma range.

Every product in the Apiderma range is born from processes that use completely natural prime materials produced inside the monastery. It is in fact the same Benedictines that look after the numerous hives from which are extracted all the base ingredients for the Apiderma range and also cultivate or look for all the herbs and other components which complete the recipes.

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