• Augusto Migliavacca
  • Ildebrando Pizzetti
  • Giuseppina Strepponi
  • Arturo Toscanini
  • Giuseppe Verdi


  • 1813 - He was born on the 10th October at Roncole, Busseto.

    1820-1831 - His first years of studying were at Roncole and at Busseto. He attended Antonio Barezzi's house.

    1832-1835 - With the aid of the "Monte di Pietà" of Busseto and of the Barezzi's he studied privately at Milan with the 'Maestro' Vincenzo Lavigna.

    1836 - He won the competition of 'Maestro di musica" of the town council of Busseto. He married Margherita Barezzi on 4th May.

    1839 - His inaugurational performance at the "Teatro alla Scala" with the opera "Oberto Conte di San Bonifacio" on 17th November with reasonable success.

    1840 - The sudden death of Margherita on 18th June. His children Virginia and Icilio died a few months before. Fiasco of the "Un giorno di regno" at the Scala on the 5th September.

    1842 - The triumph of "Nabucco" at the Scala on the 9th March. Female protagonist Giuseppina Strepponi already known during the "Oberto" period.

    1843 - The "Lombardi alla prima crociata" on stage at the Scala on the 11th February.

    1844 - "Ernani" at the "Teatro La Fenice di Venezia" on 4th March. "I due Foscari" at the "Teatro Argentina di Roma" on the 3rd November.

    1845 - "Giovanna D'Arco" at the Scala on the15th February. "Alzira" at the "San Carlo di Napoli" on the 12 August.

    1846 - "Attila" at the "Fenice" on the 17th March.

    1847 - "Macbeth" at the "Pergola di Firenze" on the 14th March. "I Masnadieri" in London (Her Majesty's Theatre) on the 22nd July. Encounter with Mazzini. "Jerusalem" (remake of the Lombardi) in Paris at the Opera on the 26th November. He starts his co-habitation with Giuseppina Strepponi.

    1848 - In Milan straight after "The Five Days" and in Busseto for the acquisition of the property of St Agata. "Il Corsaro" at the"Teatro Grande" in Trieste on the 25th October.

    1849 -1 In Rome during the "Repubblica - La Battaglia di Legnano" at the "Teatro Argentina" on 27th January. "Luisa Miller" at the "San Carlo di Napoli" on 8th December.

    1850 - "Stiffelio" in Trieste on the 16th November.

    1851 - "Rigoletto" at the "Fenice" on 11th march. Shorthly after he goee to live with Giuseppina Strepponi in St Agata. On the 28th June his mother Luigia Uttini dies.

    1853 - "Il Trovatore" at the Apollo Theatre in Rome on the 19th January. "La Traviata" at the "Fenice" on the 6th March: a fisaco recovered the following year again with a triumph in Venice at the "Teatro San Benedetto".

    1855 - "I Vespri Siciliani" at the "Opera" in Paris on the 13th June.

    1857 - 1"Simon Boccanegra" at the "Fenice" on the 12th March. "Aroldo" (remake of Stiffelio) at the "Teatro Nuovo" of Rimini on the 16th August.

    1858- "A fancy-dress dance" at the "Apollo" in Rome on the 17th February. He married Giuseppina Strepponi on the 29th August at Collanges sous Salève in Savoia. In September at Turin as an elected representative of the Parma Provinces to offer Vittorio Emanuele II their annexation to the Piemonte region.

    1861 - He was elected deputy to the first Italian Parliament in Turin for the proclamation to the "Regno d'Italia".

    1862 - In London for his first inaugurational performance of "Hymn of the nations" based on Boito's text on the 24th May. At Petersburg with "The strength of destiny" on the 10th November at the 'Teatro Imperiale'.

    1865 - In Paris with a recast version of "Macbeth" at the 'Lyrique Theatre' on the 21st April.

    1867 - On the 14th January his father died at Busseto whilst the Maestro was in Paris where "Don Carlos" was played at the 'Opera' on the 11th March. From May onwards, he began to look after his cousin Maria Filomena Verdi who went on to become his universal heiress. On the 21st July, Barezzi died.

    1868 - On the 30th June he visited Manzoni at Milan. On the 13th November, Rossini died: to honour him Verdi organized a requiem mass written by various Italian composers and for which was reserved the "Libera me".

    1869 - A new version of "The strength of destiny" at the Scala on the 27th February.

    1871 - His first performance of the "Aida" in Cairo on the 24th December in order to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal.

    1874 - "The Requiem mass" composed for Manzoni and directed by the Maestro in the 'Chiesa di San Marco ' at Milan on the 22nd May. He was nominated as senator.

    1881 - "Simon Boccanegra" widely recast at the Scala on the 24th March.

    1884 - His first performance of "Don Carlo" in the Italian version in four acts, at the Scala on the 10th January.

    1887 - "Otello" at the Scala on the 5th February.

    1888 - On the 6th November the 'Villanova sull'Arda' hospital was inaugurated which was constructed and then looked after by the Maestro.

    1889 - The acquisition of a piece of land at Milan, for the construction of the Retirement Home for Musicians.

    1893 - "Falstaff" at the Scala on the 9th February.

    1897 - On the 14th November, Giuseppina Strepponi died at Saint Agata.

    1898 - His first performance at the Opera in Paris of the "Four sacred pieces" (Ave Maria, Stabat Mater, Te Deum and Laudi alla Vergine Maria).

    1901 - On the 27th January the Maestro died at the "Hotel Milan" in Milan. The funeral and burial at the Monumental Cemetery took place in a simple way on the 30th January and in a ceremonial fashion on the 26th February for the transportation of Giuseppina Strepponi's body into the Chapel of the Retirement Home for Musicians.

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