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  • Parma, city of traditional aristocratic cultures, rich with preciouys works of art and a capital city in its past, famous for its most illustrious children and for artists who work within her-from Benedetto Antelami to Salimbene, from Correggio to Parmigianino, from Bodoni to Verdi and . Toscanini , from Stendhal to Proust- is totally unlike any of the many beautiful cities that attract visitors to Italy.

    Parma, being the provincial capital, has 170.000 inhabitants. Itis situated in Emilia Romagna, half-way between Milan to Bologna. It is proud of its historical city centre and has monuments of particular importance, from roman to liberty style. In fact, it has been historically marked by the enlightened government of Maria Luigia , the wife of Napoleon,when it was the capital of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla.

    The province counts 400.000 inhabitants;it is characterized by its vast and beautiful mountainous areas and covered by numerous castles.

    Parma is famous as the capital food centre of Italy, for its unimitable products and in particular for its Prosciutto of Parma,cured pork meats and its famous Parmesan Cheese.

    Its main monuments are:

    • Palazzo Vescovile
    • Duomo 11th century
    • Battistero (the most important, evolved monument during the Medieval period in Italy)
    • San Giovanni Evangelista 12th century
    • Church of Steccata - 16th century
    • Palazzo della Pilotta, with his extraordinary Teatro Farnese 16th century
    • The Town Hall - 17th century
    • Teatro Regio (it is one of the most famous in Italy for grand opera)19th century
    • Church of "Annunciata"
    • Certosa of Paradigna
    • Palazzo Ducale
    • Palazzo del Governatore
    • Ospedale Vecchio
    • Italian Museum of Perfumery

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