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Art and culture

The church of St Antonio Martire and the seventeeth century arc of the Peschiera , entrance to the ancient posession of Silva, present artistic and cultural traces in the decorations and stucchi, works tied to the Seminary
(photo on the right).
Built in 1846 with the help of all the people of the high Taro valley, it contains the old library and “Parmigiani” art gallery, which has on show the “Omnia” works of the great xylografer-pianter-poet of the Ceno valley, called Romeo MusaXilografia - Buoi al lavoro, (here are collected more than 400 wood carvings and many original xylografic prints) the great amount of space which is available premits the organisation of spritual excercises and meetings.

Next to the ancient sanctuary which is hosted by the seminary structure, the new sanctuary to the “Madonna of San Marco” was built in the 1950’s, which on the second Sunday of July is visited by thousands of people celebrating its anniversary. We would also like to draw attention to the various other towns which have conserved admirable examples of traditional architecture, Foppiano and the Villa Carriglia, constructed using a great extent of Carniglia stone, which today is largely used in riconstruction.

The planetarium is also important which draws many students, tourists and astronomers.
The “Centro Studi Cardinal Agostino Casaroli”actively operates in the Seminary”,as well as the Documentation Centre on Emigration and the Audio-visual Centre “San Marco”, which produces cultural, catachisim and religious information programmes. It also contains exotic minerals, shells, fossils, stuffed animals, originating from different parts of the world set in scenes riproducing their natural habitat.


Typical jobs of the area which have been handed down in the years are; the working of wood and iron in both craft and artistic forms. Typical is the extraction and working of sandstone from the “Piane di Carniglia”, where ever since the oldest of times there evolved a tradition of artists the “Scalpellini” present to this day, but becoming extinct.


The “Bedonia” gastronomy is characterised by the use of poor ingredients ,but which still give delicious results. Il fungo Porcino di BedoniaPotatoes, beet, cauliflour, pumpkin, and rice cakes, “castagnaccio”, “tagliatelle al sugo di noci”, and when in season “porcini”, “prugnoli”, “Prataioli”, mushrooms cooked in a variety of ways are eaten in the restaurants of the area. Also to be remembered is the Taro Trout and the excellent wild foul of the woods.

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