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Ruscello sul Monte Pelpi River on M.Pelpi


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Natural environment

The Bedoniese territory is marked by two principal valleys, the Val Ceno and the Val TaroLa valle del fiume Taro, which get their names from the rivers which flow through them: both splendid and with opposing characteristics during their course, sweet and welcoming the first, rough and wild the second.
The latter, in particular is dug into the sandstone and it has the form of a narrow canyon (photo above). Both rivers begin on Monte Penna (m.1735), (photo left)La vetta del Monte Penna (m.1735), a splendid mountain peak surrounded by a state forest which with other peaks form the Bedoniese ridge: Mount Nero, which hosts the “mugo”pine in a rare combination with the white pine, Mount Maggiorasca (m.1799), Mount Pelpi and Mount Orocco, are significant for their flora.
You can find ancient woods of oak, chestnut, beech; the river Taro’s vegetation allows refuge to many animal species, some of which are the kingfisher, the dipper and the Cinerino heron.

Sport and holidays

One of Bedonia’s most important sources of economy is the summer tourism, in order to greet this, this centre is dependant on discreet, welcoming hotels and a series of pleasant folkloristic events.
There are many of those occasional passers-by which when they arrive here, in an area not very well known by the main bulk of tourism, are hit by its beauty and by the uniqueness of the countryside, by the silence of the river, the splendor of the colours, in any season. Here they can spend a period of time relaxing and distracting themselves, in contact with nature in absolute tranquility and being able to make use of the modern sports complexes La valle del fiume Taro(swimming-pools, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, skating and football) and an equipped camping complex, which is situated on one of the most beautiful hills of the town. In this evironment exists the Barilla Sports School, which has its main establishment at Bedonia: from June to September more than a thousand youngsters, from Italy and abroad, in turn experience two weeks of varied sports which range from swimming to volleyball, horseriding, canoing and karate.

Bedonia offers to all its guests ideal occasions for trekking, walks, fishing, hunting and mushroom picking, in particular the " Porcino Valtarese” mushroom, produced D.O.C. and internationally famous.

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