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Tourist Office of Bedonia:
tel.+39-525/824765 (june-september)

Useful numbers:

Comune di Bedonia - tel.0525/824148

Ufficio Turistico - tel. 0525/824765

Seminario - tel. 0525/824420/824621


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Bedonia is situated at the beginning of the Taro Valley, which is justly considered one of the most beautiful and welcoming centres of the Parmense Appenines. The view of the townFoto panoramica, stretched out on a gentle slope, despite the fact that it is surrounded by high reliefs, gives an impression of wide open spaces from whatever direction you reach it. The centre is in fact is a common meeting point of some important roads which connect to Salsomaggiore-Bardi, Parma-Borgo Val di Taro, Chiavari.


In the Neolithic Age the area was inhabited by “Ligurian” populations and then by Romans, as the “Tavola Alimentaria” of Traiano testifies, (II century A.D.) discovered at Velleia. The first, historical, recorded event, dates back from the beginning of the XI century, when Bedonia became a feud of the Bishops of Piacenza. After this it became part of the Malaspina properties and from the XII century it was passed onto the Piacenza Town Council.
From this moment Bedonia became involved in the disputes between the town council of Piacenza and the Landi, this ended when the feud was conceeded to Agostino Landi in 1551.

It was in this period that the history of Bedonia got mixed up with the history of MONACO: Princess Maria Landi of Val di Taro, the sister of the Prince of Val di Taro, Federico I, married the “Signore di Monaco, Ercole I” in 1595.
The couple who died prematurely and within a short distance between one and the other, left two small children, Onorato and Giovanna.
Their tutor, who reigned the kingdom, became their maternal uncle, Federico I of Val di Taro. The education and the preparation given to the future sovreign was such that Onorato’s reign was remembered as the most important and flourishing, apart from the present day reign of Prince Ranieri III, holding 700 years of the Grimaldi dynasty. The union with the Landi of Val di Taro permitted the “Signori di Monaco” to acquire the title of “princes” and the Bedonia population is proud of this.

In 1682, Bedonia was taken over by the “Farnese” in the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza. In 1859, it was annexed to the Piemonte and Bedonia was nominated the capital and the magistracy head office.
The most recent historical pages register the high contribution given by Bedonia and some areas of the Parmesan in battle, during the Second World War: it is for this sacrifice that the Bedonia Town Council was decorated with the Silver Medal for Gallentry.

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