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  • Gazzetta di Parma

  • Vittorio Bottego
  • Explorer, born in the S.Lazzaro District of Parma in 1860 and died at Daga Roba in Ethiopia in 1897. Artillery officer and skillful horserider, dreaming of becoming a hero, arranged to be transferred in Eritrea in 1887. He explored the Dancalia as far as Assab (1891), he proposed to set-out to penetrate into the region of Giuba.

    With Captain Matteo Grixoni he left Berbera in 1892, reached the "Canale Doria", that is the upper flow of the Giuba and went up along the river as far as its source (March 1893). Once Grixoni had left the party, Bottego reached Daua Parma, discovered the Barattieri waterfalls and "Dal Verme sul Giuba" and finally reached Brava (September 1893). The summary of his journey which cost 35 lives, appears in the book "Giuba explored" (1895).

    He returned to Italy and in October 1895 he left again for another expedition to Brava with 250 colonial troops and 4 Europeans (under the consent of the Italian Geographical Society); he tried to resolve the problem of the Omo River. Having reached Lake Pagadè (called Queen Margaret) he came across the Omo River and followed it as far as Lake Rodolfo (September 1896). He then attempted to cross Ethiopia but he was invited by the messengers of Menelik to put down his arms; he preferred to fight and was killed on the hill of Daga Roba a town of Galla, on 17 March 1897.

    Parma remembers he explorer with a beautiful monument by Ettore Ximenes in front of the railway station (inaugurated on 26 September 1907) and with a plaque on the outside of a house numbered 29 in Via Repubblica.

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