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    • Renzo Pezzani

      Renzo Pezzani was born in Parma on 4 June 1898, of a humble and respected family of artisans; he obtained the primary school teaching diploma in 1921 and immediately passed the exam which qualified him for teaching in the local schools.

      His first book of poems in dialect, with the title “Artigli” aroused immediate attention due to the freshness and the intense emotions which came out of its pages. Therefore Pezzani started up the magazine “Difesa artistica” and a few years later a religious crisis brought him nearer to Christianism.

      The highest point of his spiritual life and his love for Parma remains however enclosed within 3 volumes of dialect poems , which can be rightly considered as the poetical trilogy of our people: “Bornisi”, “Tarabacli”, “Oc luster”.

      Renzo Pezzani died in his home at Castiglione Torinese on 14 July 1951 in the arms of his mother due to internal bleeding. His last thought dedicated to the Parmesans were expressed in a series of verses offered to the chorus singers of “Verdi”, on occasion of the first performance of the “Inno a Parma” of which he was the author of the lyrics, with the music of Ildebrando Pizzetti.

      After his death, the “Famijia Pramzana” has always remembered the poet, right from the first anniversary as far as 1973, when on the 75th anniversary of his birth “Famijia” had a memorial stone placed on the facade of the house where the poet was born.

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