Sliced ricotta with "Gold Traditional Balsamic Vinegar"
recipe by Paola Cavazzini Rossi - from the restaurant "La Greppia - Parma"

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  • Serves 6 :
    1. Whisk three whole eggs with 200g icing sugar.
    2. Add 500g fresh ricotta and divide the mixture into two portions.
    3. In one half, add 100g unsweetened cocoa powder.
    4. Lina an oven dish with greaseproof paper and place inside first the pale mixture then the cocoa mixture, cover and place in the freezer for twelve hours.
    5. Remove and cut into slices.
    6. Mix 3 spoons of "Gold Traditional Balsamic Vinegar", with 200g. of sugar syrup and pour over each slice.

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