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Saint Ilario Award 2002
Every year, starting from January 1987, on the occasion of the city's Patronal feast day, "The Saint Ilario Award" is awarded to the citizens:"...who have in some way contributed to improving the life of an individual and of the comunity;and to the raising of the city's prestige.."

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In 2001, the Saint Ilario Award has been awared to:

City of Parma Gold Medal to ENRICO BANDINI, who with profound insight, civic consciousness, creative spirit and entrepreneurial skill, promoted the creation of fundamental infrastructures for the economic development of the city and territory, form the Parma-La Spezia motorway to the CEPIM distribution centre, to the Bridge over the Po between Parma and Cremona.

City of Parma Gold Medal to the COMUNITA’ BETANIA, in recognition not only of the high value of the Association’s managers, collaborators and operators work, but also of the great meaning of hope intrinsic to the personal commitment of the many young people who have followed the social recovery and readmission courses.

City of Parma Gold Medal to PIERO FELISA, entrepreneur, example of the creative and innovative spirit of our people, who has transformed a family run operation into an internationally well-established industry for both technological content and market share.

City of Parma Gold Medal to WALTER GAIBAZZI, attorney, Law scholar and illustrious spokesman of the Jurisdiction of Parma, for years an attentive promoter of the city’s cultural and artistic life with special dedication to the tutelage and diffusion of the prestige of our traditional theatres and the organisation of grand exhibits.

City of Parma Gold Medal to GIORGIO TORELLI, journalist and author, keen expert and investigator of social and cultural peculiarities that form “Parmaness”. Eminent representative of the Parma school of journalism, whose spokesmen have illustrated on behalf of the city well beyond city borders.

Certificate of Civic Merit to RINO AMADASI, for years generously involved in voluntary work with particular dedication to the promotion and organisation of the associations of blood donors, testimony of his high civic and social awareness.

Certificate of Civic Merit to ANNA MARIA BAIOCCHI founder of the “Casa della Giovane” in Parma which, in a delicate sector like that dedicated to the assistance of youth in difficulty, has deservingly applied her own spirit of entrepreneurial initiative to social solidarity.

Certificate of Civic Merit to FELICE BONAZZI, known to all as "Felice da Parma", cultivator of the dialect, genuine testimony of the most authentic Parma culture and its traditions, diligent promoter of benevolent initiatives.

Certificate of Civic Merit to ANTONIO MASELLI, Entrepreneur, owner of a state-or-the-art company for the level of technological innovation introduced in the field of electronic measurement instruments serving the food industry.

Certificate of Civic Merit to the “POZZO DI SICAR” which, with great devotion offers moral and material support to women in difficulty belonging to every ethnic and religious group, thus establishing a meeting and integration point between various cultures.

Certificate of Civic Merit to MICHELE RINALDI, world champion and for several years at the top of world competition motor cross, who continues to keep the prestige of Parma high as manager and organiser of important teams of the same sport.

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