Sant Ilario Award
Every year, starting from January 1987, on the occasion of the city's Patronal feast day, "The Saint Ilario Award" is awarded to the citizens:"...who have in some way contributed to improving the life of an individual and of the comunity;and to the raising of the city's prestige.."

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In 1995, the Saint Ilario Award has been awared to:

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to LAURA CAMPANINI, nurse, health and social worker in Nicaragua, for having dedicated herself in a very humane and professional way, to those who suffer and are marginalized. Laura Campanini first carried this out in Parma and now in Nicaragua, where she has chosen to work as a voluntary in order to help the people who have been hit by recurring natural disasters and who have been oppressed by a widespread and deeply-rooted poverty.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to ARISTO ISOLA, the General Manager of the National Basketball teams, for having reached as a sports manager the highest levels and obtained the most prestigious results on a national and international level, including the world championship in basketball; a sport which he has passionality dedicated himself right from an early age.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to LUCIANO SILINGARDI, the President of the "Cassa di Risparmio of Parma and Piacenza", for having greatly contributed, through the consolidation and expansion of the largest institute of credit, to the development of the economy of Parma and to having constantly promoted and sustained the most remarkable social, artistic and cultural initiatives of the city.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to PIER LUIGI SPAGGIARI, a lecturer of Economics and Transport at the University of Parma, for his long and prestigious scientific and didactic activity and for having founded and directed for 30 years the Institute of Economics and Transport in our University; which under his guidance has become a fundamental point of reference, for those in Italy and in Europe dealing in spacial mobility at a scientific level.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to the "ISTITUTO SAVERIANO DELLE MISSIONI ESTERE", represented by the Bishop "His Excellence Monsignor Giovanni Gazza", in the 100th year of it's foundation, for having always united the commitment to evangelism with the one regarding human promotion of the populations, in the middle of which the Saveriani missionaries carry out their work; and for having contributed, through the Ethnographical Museum and editorial initiatives, to the cultural improvement of the city.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to PIERGIORGIO BELLEDI, bookseller, for having contributed through his own professional activity and other initiatives connected to it; and to the spreading of our city's culture.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to LORENZO BOCCHI, giornalist and Paris correspondent to important Italian newspapers, for having demonstrated the profession of journalism in the wake of a tradition to which Lorenzo Bocchi competes with a lot of other distinguished citizens.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to SERGIO COLLA, sport masseur, for having dedicated his many years of work in sport, not only to his prestigious city baseball team but also voluntarily to the young and amateur teams.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to MASSIMINA DALL'AGLIO, voluntary custodian of the Church of 'Santa Maria del Quartiere', for having , through her own voluntary work and organisation of other peoples' activities, restored to the city the beautiful Barocche style church of 'Santa Maria del Quartiere'.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to ETTORE MOSSINI, teacher and engraver, for having dedicated his life to the art of engraving, in which he has reached artistical heights of the finest quality and is considered be among the major experts and italian theorists.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to PRIMO POLIZZI, a Partisan who survived death camps, for having perpetuated the memory of the Resistence and in particular speaking to schools and to young people as part of the activities of the "Comitato Scuola e Resistenza" and with suitable cultural initiatives.

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