Sant Ilario Award
Every year, starting from January 1987, on the occasion of the city's Patronal feast day, "The Saint Ilario Award" is awarded to the citizens:"...who have in some way contributed to improving the life of an individual and of the comunity;and to the raising of the city's prestige.."

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In 1994, the Saint Ilario Award has been awared to:

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to PAOLA BORBONI, a great and talented interpreter of the Italian scene of the 1900's, for always having dedicated herself to the art of the theatre, with creativity, courage and the generosity of a spirit rich with strength and humanity.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to VALERIO CAVALCA, for the tenacity and the passion which have marked his entrepreneurial career, sustained by a desire to introduce in Italy and in the world the quality of the elegance of Parma's style.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to FRANCO IASCHI, for having always taken care of the area of employment and external voluntary work, defending the rights of the weak and in particular one's rights to employment, contributing to bringing the factory world closer to the varied and difficult world of our society.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to BERNARDO VALLI, for his work of journalism carried out in the major daily Italian newspapers, characterized by the commitment and intellectual rigour and by the effort to recognize and interpret, for the readers, the greatest events of our period in time.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to LORENZO MINOTTI, captain of the Parma team, whom we today wish to underline for his availability demonstrated in favour of those who suffer and in particular his regular commitment to "L'Associazione Donatori Midollo Osseo"; this is proof of how success can become a precious vehicle for spreading, above all amongst the young people, messages of solidariety and respect towards others.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to NUNZIO RIZZOLI, for his rigorous and passionate work as an environmental teacher, who takes care of scientific research as well as the very important job of training the lecturers and didactic experimentation, on the themes of protection and respect for the environment.

The Certificate of Public Merit was awarded to IVONNE TONONI, for her active and constant commitment in the organization of free time and for the renewal of the elderly peoples' culture, pursued by the firm belief that the heaps of experience and knowledge of which the old citizens are carriers of, can be used to the advantage of the whole society.

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