Saint Ilario Award
Every year, starting from January 1987, on the occasion of the city's Patronal feast day, "The Saint Ilario Award" is awarded to the citizens:"...who have in some way contributed to improving the life of an individual and of the comunity;and to the raising of the city's prestige.."

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In 1999, the Saint Ilario Award has been awared to:

The city of Parma’s gold medal was awarded to UBALDO BERTOLI prestigious journalist, writer and painter. He is a renowned witness of our City’s history in our Country, within this century that is about to close. Ubaldo Bertoli found during his participation of the resistance not only the inspiration for his artistic work, but also the possibility of expressing totally his undying love for freedom, which is the essential feature of his character.

The city of Parma’s gold medal was awarded to the Congregazione delle MISSIONARIE DI MARIA, who, being faithful to the inspiration of the founder Madre Celestina Bottego, are spreading the Christian message throughout various parts of the world. With their educational, sanitary and social activities, the “Missionarie di Maria” place themselves side by side the humble and derelict of the Earth in order to relieve the suffering and raise man’s dignity.

The city of Parma’s gold medal was awarded to the cultural association FAMIJA PRAMZANAone of the most symbolic expressions of voluntary aggregation that positively characterises Parmesan society. The Famija Pramzan unites cultural appointments so as to defend the traditions and dialects of Parma, paying constant and positive attention to the necessities of the less favoured fellow citizens.

The city of Parma’s gold medal was awarded to Prof.GIACOMO MAFFEI emeritus professor of Otolaryingology at the city’s Ateneo. Here he spent a long and brilliant clinical career, as a researcher and student; obtaining excellent results in the scientific and international sector and contributing in such a way as to increase the prestige of the Faculty of Medicine and Università degli studi di Parma.

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded to Arch. GIANNI CAPELLI , whose vast and unanimously appreciated activity as designer, researcher, historian, writer and free-lance journalist was entirely dedicated to the evaluation of artistic and cultural patrimony of Parma and its province.

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded to PILADE CORINI , who for several years covered with a rare balance the delicate role of Civil Defender, contributing to forming a new relation, based on the reciprocal respect between citizens and public administration.

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded to Mr. ENORE GUERRA, for his many commitments within the social and cultural spheres. He mainly expressed himself in the “Il Borgo” Circle, which became under his guidance and inspiration, one of the privileged places of cultural study and of Democratic comparison of the city.

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded to Mr. CARLO VENDER, well-known and successful commercial operator, for having offered the community’s service his top entrepreneurial and organisational capacities dedicating himself to social voluntary work through Christian influence and in cultural associationism.

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