Saint Ilario Award
Every year, starting from January 1987, on the occasion of the city's Patronal feast day, "The Saint Ilario Award" is awarded to the citizens:"...who have in some way contributed to improving the life of an individual and of the comunity;and to the raising of the city's prestige.."

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In 1998, the Saint Ilario Award has been awared to:

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to FRANCO BIANCHI. Born at Salsomaggiore in 1926, he began to work as a building worker at 13 years of age. From 1944 to 1945 he was a fighting partisan and part of the "31st Garibaldi Brigata" in the Salsomaggiore/Parmense area.
He has been a member of the Pci since 1946 and carried out important political and administrative roles.
In 1954, he became a member of the Federal Committee and was vice-secretary of the federation from 1961 to 1976.
In 1964 he was elected town councillor and covered this position until 1990.
He was Councillor for Public Works from 1976 to 1985 and vice-mayor for a few months – from June to October 1985.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded toNICOLA OCCHIOCUPO Professor Occhiocupo full-time teacher of Constitutional Law in the Faculty of Jurisprudence.
He has been the director of the "Università degli studi di Parma" since 1989. He was born in Abruzzo and has been living in Parma for more than thirty years with his wife and two daughters.
He is president of the European College and Scientific and Technological Park that has been recently constructed.
He went through the stages of his academic career begun in 1965 as assistant, supply teacher and full-time teacher.
He is co-ordinator of the doctorate for Constitutional Law with the administrative centre at the University of Bologna.
He is also the founder member and part of the Executive Council for the Association of Italian Constitutionalists and member of the International Association for Constitutional Rights. Apart from didactic and scientific research, Occhiocupo has become promoter of various important cultural meetings, the latest being about access to Secondary School teaching in Europe, in collaboration with the European Council. He has also set up initiatives for renewing the University and to open it to the job market. He has been decorated with the title of "Grande Ufficiale della Repubblica" by the Head of State.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to ASSOCIAZIONE PARMA LIRICA. It was formed in 1970 as the "Parma Lirica" Cultural Circle in its previous home in Via Turchi.
Today, it still represents a secure point of reference especially for the fans of lyrical music.
The aims of the association as the statute says are: "to spread, increase and deepen the knowledge of the culture of music…; consolidate and increase the taste and passion for lyrical music inserting it into a wide and more vivid cultural context enveloping the interest of the young; and to affirm the natural vocation of Parma as a permanent study centre for musical activity in the vocal-lyrical field.
Furthermore, "Parma Lirica" proposes to collaborate for the formation of programmes and activities of public organisations and start up activities that promote amongst their own associates "a more complete human and social formation".
"Parma Lirica" has organised many activities during these years: concerts, shows, meetings, training courses and charity exhibitions.
The most famous names of lyrical music and show business have visited its premises. Many young people who have then gone on to become famous singers have made their debut on stage.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded to PAOLO SELETTI.
He was born in Parma in 1949 and is now President of Ds Data Systems Spa. He obtained a degree in applied mathematics at the University of Parma.
After a short period dedicated to teaching, he developed an important job experience at Cedacrinord. In 1980, he started up the company – "Ds Data Systems" in Parma, a software factory operating in the field of management applications for banks, industry, services and commerce.
He remained as head of the company developing it from a local firm to an international reality. The "Gruppo Ds" was founded in 1986, and is today made up of 10 societies who specialise in precise areas of information technology, of which Ds Data Systems is the head.
The "Gruppo Ds" registered a stable balance/position of 55 milliards of Lira, (foreseen), equal to an increment of 40,3% compared to 1996 and a consistent strengthening of the number of human resources, which reached 490 units (information registered on 31-12-97).
In 1997, the only existing group leader Ds Data Systems employed a total of 71 people of which 34 (being young graduates and diplomats) derived from 4 professional training courses carried out within the software house.
Such results are largely due to the process of market internationalisation begun by Ds Data Systems mainly thanks to the leadership gained through knowledge of the development of products achieved with advanced technology (Object oriented products) and destined for the international market.
Paolo Seletti was previously president of the Rotary Club Parma East.

The city of Parma's gold medal was awarded toMAURIZIO GUAZZI. Maurizio Guazzi was born in Parma and attended the Romagnosi college and the faculty of medicine and surgery at the "Università degli studi di Parma".
He obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery with excellent results.
He became a lecturer of Human Physiology and special medical pathologies.
He was a researcher for the National Research Council and achieved the qualification of laboratory director. He was an assistant at the "Università degli studi di Siena" and the "Università degli studi di Milano". Since 1980, he has been full professor at the "Università degli studi di Milano". At present, he is the director of the Radiology Department and the 1st school for cardiology at the "Università degli studi di Milano".
He is the head of the cardiovascular research centre at the National Research Council and scientific director of the cardiological Centre "Fondazione Monzino"- Department of hospitalisation and therapy on a scientific level.
He was a researcher at the Veterans administration hospital and Georgetown hospital of Washington DC.
The fields of research include the following: ischemic cardiopathy, arterial hypertension and cardiac decompensation. He is a member of national and international scientific societies. He is the director of the magazine "Cardiologia", official journal of the Italian Society of Cardiology.

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded to ANDREINA BRANCHI. Andreina Branchi is married with two children and writes fairy stories for children. Starting from 1985, she published many volumes through various editors, which were also translated into foreign languages. In 1996, with the title of "La Principessa della Luna"- Princess of the Moon (beneficiary of funds Unicef Italia), a CD ROM was published (also on audio-cassette), taken from the fairy story within the volume "Nel Regno delle Fate" (In the Land of the Fairies). The music was written by Alessandro Nidi with a succession of voices belonging to Elio Pandolfi, Lucio Dalla, Mirella Freni and Renato Bruson.
Many of her written works have been published on the "Gazzetta di Parma" newspaper. She has been nominated president of the "Comitato provinciale Unicef di Parma".

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded to MARIA CANTARELLI. Maria Cantarelli is married with two children, a teacher and has taught for several years before dedicating herself to voluntary work. In 1986, together with Don Sergio Sacchi, she contributed to the hospice at Ugozzolo that hosts 17 people. She organised together with her friend Brunetta Barilla the arrival of Madre Teresa of Calcutta in Parma, an event that is remembered every year by dedicating the "lamp of charity" to associations and to those people who devote themselves to helping others.
As the president of the voluntary association of S.Giuseppe, she opened another hospice for women in situations of abandonment and distress.
In 1993, after various difficulties and with the help of many voluntaries, the "Casa di Accoglienza S. Chiara" in via Padre Onorio was opened. Where girls and abandoned women with or without children are helped in their attempt to reinsert themselves into society, by the community of nuns from the Clarisse and Franciscan order and missionaries of the SS. Sacrament.

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded toALDO CASTAGNETI. 77 years of age, he spent a large part of these years making pastries and cakes in the business of Via D'Azeglio, before dedicating himself to voluntary work in the maintenance and preservation of the "Oratorio di S. Ilario". He began his work as cake-maker when he was only 14, learning this work from the master "Provinciali" and interrupted it when the war broke out. After this, he took up cake making again and continued until 1981. He then gave up and dedicated himself to other activities. He became occupied in voluntary work in the looking after and restoration of the Oratory of S.Ilario of Via D'Azeglio, gathering also tourists and visitors. He is also representative of the shopkeepers in Via D'Azeglio, president of Fenacom of Parma (National Federation of the Elderly in Commerce), member of the "Consiglio della Famija Pramzana" and companion of the mask "Dzevod".

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded toLUIGI GALLINA. At the beginning of the 80's, he founded the "Intergruppo Parma-Volontari di Protezione Civile" - Civil Defence voluntaries of Parma, (presently called "Nuovo Intergruppo"), which gathered expertise (jeeps, divers, dog lovers, technicians, etc..) rich with technical and human resources. He is one of the founders of "Ari di Parma" (Amateur radio operator association) and also began the Cer (Emergency Radio Centre). He was a member of the 1st National council for Civil defence established by the government. Also, thanks to his dedication, he has helped the setting up of the Provincial Council for voluntary associations and civil defence. Organiser of various fire prevention courses, he has taken an active part in the emergency operations that have been part of the national and provincial territory (he also deserves credit for the organisation of a civil defence exercise which involved the "Colombo" district a few years ago). He organised and co-ordinated the "Campo Parma" in the earthquake affected areas of Nocera Umbra.

The Certificate of Civic Merit was awarded toFLAMINIO MUSA. Born in 1921 at Compiano, medical doctor, he was taught about liberty and political obligations from when he was a child.
In 1943, he was arrested for opposing Fascism and the War; in the Spring of 1944 he became the first political Commissioner of the "12a Brigata Garibaldi" and following this inspecting officer of the "Comitati di Liberazione nazionale dell'OvestCisa".
In 1946, he obtained a degree in Medicine at the University of Parma and was Professor Angelo Braga's student, obtaining various qualifications and covered important jobs. He was Chancellor of the popular University in 1969. Since 1978, he has been provincial president of the "Lega italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori" (Italian league for the fight against cancer). Member of the national, provincial and regional board of "Anpi", he is also the author of two books written about the Resistance. He founded the "Premio Letterario Nazionale" reserved for medical writers.

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